do muslim/sharia countries care?

ships immigration

Why the rich Arab countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Emirates, do not receive those shipwrecked? and why those Muslim refugees want absolutely to migrate to Europe, despite the high risk of death, instead of migrating to any other Muslim country where their beloved Sharia exist?
When I see the shipwrecks in the face of lampedusa, I ask myself many questions:
Why they are so ready to risk their lives to go to the disbelievers (Kuffar) of Europe no to go to another muslim country?. And once they are in, they work to transform the host country into another hell hole similar to the ones they fled from ?
At a time when we all see on a loop on tv stations the Unicef appealing concerning the famine in the horn of Africa, I remind everyone the African countries are mostly Muslim, all their muslim brother countries are in fratricidal wars and chasing each other causing famines and death without mercy or state of mind.
What the neighboring muslim countries are doing? Morocco? Egypt? Tunisia? Algeria? And the red crescent (equivalent of our red cross) ?… NOTHING!!
Because it is up to us (Non-Muslim Europeans) to give… Despite the 2000 billion EUR European dept which obliges us to borrow each year from those Golf countries…
In the same time the Muslim Gulf Countries, with this manna, built luxury hotels, futuristic cities and bought planes, sedans and open rinks and ski slopes in the desert.
Is this the charity of this religion ? The Arab Emirates instead of opening their wallets and give to their fellow muslim believers, they make sure it’s the workers and the working classes of the “wicked” Non-muslim of Europe, America and Australia who open theirs for compassion towards strangers that they (the Muslim rich countries) themselves have not towards their own brothers in religion.
While a large part of the Muslim world is sinking everyday a little more in poverty and wars, the gulf countries are no longer knowing how to spend their immense fortune,
every day human tides “boats people” disembark in Europe or sink in the sea, and daily hordes of savages tear each other apart.
Women, children and sick people are systematically put forward our reflexes trigger guilt and compassion.
These Muslim populations produce huge numbers of children that they are unable to feed, except with the western financial windfall and helps.
This blind religion is in the process of unbalancing all the west and lead it to the brink of chaos. But is it our fault if Islam without oil produced only misery and wars?
To meditate if there is still time!


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