Spokesman Matthew Pope has left PEGIDA UK


As you may or may not know the state of this country has had an effect on Matthew’s life. He can’t stress enough the seriousness  of the situation. The former spokesperson of PEGIDA UK is fully aware that Islam as an ideology doesn’t merely want to dominate, it has to. Dominance is instructed throughout Islamic scripture, and we have seen this process of take over happen in the same way in a variety of countries. Mr Pope is fully aware of the seriousness of this issue.

However, that said. PEGIDA UK doesn’t feel the same. With constant irrelevant jokes being posted and the disorganisation of the people in charge, on top of the leaders blatantly feeding their own agendas. 

Mr Pope states “the PEGIDA movement is not for me. I am 101% dedicated to this nations future and the safety of its culture. And I fear that PEGIDA UK are not. They never listen to me when providing advice. They want to focus less on Islam and more on mass immigration. To which most of the Sharia supporters, hate preachers and other radical Muslims are British born. And to bring in immigration is to condemn hard working Polish, Lithuanian, Indian… etc. And it is a massive step towards politics.”


He further states that “no one was keeping to the manifest, and no one actually knew what they were condemning. For any kind of movement to become great, it needs a professional and organised look.” Mr Pope continues to say “I also feel that a British movement should have a British leader that can attend rallies and pull their weight instead of being so eager for personal financial gain from the movement”.

Matthew Pope has been teaching Islamic scripture and doctrines for years upon years through a massive variety of webpages and Facebook pages. He says he shall continue. “The Qur’an is a very dangerous book. It needs to be exposed for what it is. Hate speech”.

Mr Pope says that he will support BARI and longs to see it grow into a true British patriotic movement. BARI has a strong future and puts Britain and Britain’s people first.

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