Patriots against the islamisation of the west, or PEGIDA as the German acronym spells out, is a peaceful demonstration group and public awareness campaign. They are here to bring awareness to such horrific tragedies that occur on British soil and are swiftly swept under the carpet for fear of those that mention them are persecuted.


A whole community jumps to either the defence of these tragedies or conforms to playing a victim as a diversion technique. Yet PEGIDA UK stands against the elements of Islam that has had a negative effect on Britain, a very noble, admirable and creditable stance if you ask me. And I personally can not see any logical debate against it.


The rise of such horrific crimes in the UK is undeniable. ‘Honour killing’ is now a common terminology for our media. The word ‘jihad’ is now a phrase used so often in our vocabulary. Islam and Islamic teachings pose a very real threat. And the Muslims that take these teachings seriously are protected by the peace loving Muslims that do not, by instead of aiding us in the plight against a negative part of their own community, they all play on the victim and deny everything else.

All PEGIDA UK wants is equality, unity in diversity, freedom to not suffer persecution in our own land, integration, one rule for all, one law for all. PEGIDA UK wants hate speech laws to apply to all and not only non Muslim’s. PEGIDA UK wants our British culture to remain prominent and not be clouded over by a foreign force. Is this too much to ask? Should England really have to go to political war to keep our heritage safe?


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