Does England need an intellectual, middle classed based movement that speaks against the elements of Islam that have had an effect on our nation? Yes

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Anyone that stands against Islam is usually classified as a thug, uneducated, even illiterate. A variety of terms have been used to protect the threat of violence that plagues our beautiful country.

Islamophobe, Bigot, Racist, Nazi

These are terms used to persecute us, but persecute us for what? Reading and studying Islamic doctrines that continuously provoke hatred and oppression to specific groups and individuals?

The threat Islamic teachings have on us is endless. It has resulted in the rise of grooming gangs and other sexual abuse. It has risen the issues of honour killings in our nation. Sharia courts that oppress women. Muslim schools that openly teach superiority of the Muslim people while teaching that infidels are inferior. The rise of Muslims claiming benefits from a country they so openly demonstrate hatred for. And also the threat of jihadi terrorism that endangers non Muslims and also the British Muslim community.

Do all Muslims take the teachings of violence seriously? No. Not all Muslims do. There has been creative tafsir (tafseer) and other commentaries by Muslim apologists to limit Islams calls for aggression to a certain place or time (usually stating they were only relevant to the time of Muhammad). But however, saying that the Muslim community as a whole refuse to acknowledge the problems, and when the problems have been brought to the public, the Muslim community tends to play on becoming the victim instead of helping us rid these issues. This opposes a lot of questions that need addressing.

Are WE the British nation meant to stand by with no voice? Are we meant to have places in England where it is not safe for non Muslims to walk? Are we meant to allow pedophilia on the grounds of cultural difference? Of course not.

BARI is here to protect Britain’s integrity. BARI is here to provide the answers and force the government to bow to the British people and not those who seek refuge here.

We are BARI…. Divided we may fall, United we may succeed.

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