Are we against immigration at BARI?

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Immigration is an issue that weighs heavy on the nation’s heart. But it is however a political issue. There are many political parties that opposes mass immigration.

BARI however, does not oppose immigration, we request better boarder control to screen for potential terrorist threat, but we do not oppose immigration as a whole.

Many Muslims that are being radicalised are British citizens. Many of the hate preachers are British born. Most of the perpetrators of the sexual assaults by Muslims have been British Muslims.

This issue has gone way beyond immigration. What this issue is about is integration.

Muslims have enforced their own manifest on us, they have forced their own legal system here, school curriculum and forced special treatment based on religious and cultural differences.

The thing that amazes me so much is that they make demands that a non Muslim would not even be able to whisper in countries under Islamic rule.

Out of 53 British mosques, 18 said they would marry off a 14yr old girl, stating “it is ok by the law of allah”. We have a London based hate group and terrorist recruitment organisation called Sharia For UK ran by hate preacher and benefit cheat, Anjem Choudery. We have places in England where Muslims gang up and attack people they don’t like the look of.

I can reference Qur’an and hadith quotes all day. But this is happening for the world to see. To avoid it, justify it, ignore it is complete madness. THIS IS HAPPENING, THIS IS HAPPENING IN ENGLAND. ARE WE GOING TO STAND BY AND LET IT?

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